i call this one Let me show you how this works, Baby Sister.

and i call this one See, you shake this tiger here...are you even looking?

There's a lot of "playing" with baby sister around here.
i feel like i'm constantly saying, "Be careful for Maggie!"
But it's so cute how much she loves her already.

It's Friday.
Which means the next two days, Daddy will be home with us.

Hope you have fun plans for the weekend.

Happy Weekending!


Sister, Sister

Everyone has been asking me if i think Maggie looks like Caroline. Or if she looks more like me or J when we were babies. Or they comment that they think Maggie looks nothing like they remember Caroline looking. Or they think they look similar.

So, i thought i'd actually compare photos and see. i put together 2 different pictures from when the girls were both about 2-3 days old.

So far, i see some similarities, but also some differences. Caroline was definitely more yellow, thanks to higher levels of jaundice. And while J and i both thought Maggie had a rounder face, seeing the pictures together now makes it seem like Maggie has a longer face and Caroline has a rounder face.

But they definitely look like sisters to me.


FOTO FRIDAY - #newaddition

i call this one Hands full.

i call this one Hello, Baby Maggie.

Last Wednesday, we added a baby sister to our family mix.
And it's been the most wonderful and tiring week i've experienced in a while.

Remember how people say new moms should sleep when the baby is sleeping?
Well, what do you do when you also have a toddler running around?

If you figure that out, let me know.

Our weekending includes visits from family
and, hopefully, lots and lots of naps.

Happy Friday!



i call this one "Look how cool i am in my hat."

And this one "i want to see myself in the lens."

Whenever we go to Target, which is more than i care to share,
Caroline and i check out the dollar section.
The other day we found this cool hat.
i asked her if she wanted a hat and she said, "Yeah."
Then i asked her if she wanted the blue or the green ribbon one.
She picked out the blue.
And has worn it almost everyday since.

She's way cooler than i was at this age. 

It's Friday.
My weekend plans are bringing a new-mom friend dinner,
skyping with the grandparents,
a prenatal massage (YES!),
and starting my 38th week of this pregnancy.
We'll see if my weekending ends up including labor and delivery.
Hopefully i can get that prenatal massage first.

Happy Weekending!



Here's a very old, worn picture of me at 19 months
beside a picture of Caroline at roughly 18 months.

Everyone swore up and down she looked just like J when she was a baby,
and i had to agree.
But i think as she gets older, she's looking more like me.

Not a spitting image...but more like me. 

Happy Weekending!

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